Alan I. Farber, Attorney at Law Your Link to the Legal Community
Alan I. Farber, Attorney at Law Your Link to the Legal Community

More than just legal advice


In urgent legal matters, professional expertise is not the only thing that counts. Just as important is winding up these matters smoothly and quickly. We provide you with helpful services in addition to legal advice.


An overview of our services

  • We give you appointments quickly, normally within a few days
  • Telephone consultations when clients have urgent matters
  • House calls for clients who are unable to come to the office



Many of our services are rendered on a flat-fee basis.  The reason for flat-fees is so that our clients feel comfortable taking the time necessary to tell us their wishes and concerns and are not nervous about the "clock ticking" during the consultation.


The following matters are typically handled on a flat-fee basis:


Simple Will for an individual - $245.00.

Normally this involves one or two consultations: the initial meeting to discuss your wishes and concerns, gather information and perhaps prepare the document and sign it.  If necessary, a second meeting will be held to review the drafted will and sign the document.


Complete Estate Package for an individual - $325.00

An Estate Package includes a Will, Durable Power of Attorney and Living Will, and normally involves two meetings -- one to gather information and answer questions, and a second meeting to review and sign the documents.


Husband and Wife Complete Estate Packages - $495.00

The includes Wills, Durable Power of Attorneys, and Living Wills for each spouse, and normally requires two meetings. 


We strongly recommend complete estate packages because we care about our clients and want to make sure that you are protected.  We want to make sure that your family -- or other caregiver -- is able to assist you in the event that you cannot care for yourself.  Complete Estate Packages, which include Wills, Durable Power of Attorney and Living Will documents, make it easier for you to take care of your spouse and make it easier for your spouse -- or your children, family or other caregivers -- to provide care and handle your affairs.  We sincerely hope that your Durable Power of Attorney and Living Will are never needed, but now that you are finally getting around to preparing these important papers, we want to make certain that you have everything you need in the event of illness or incapacity.